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How do i go about blocking websites per workstation.either from allowed websites or by denied websites.I would prefer by allowed because it would be a lot user.Is it just a matter of configuring it with the hostname or ip address. If its the ip address that would also take forever most ppl would find it easier with the hostname of the website…ex a ip address … This is for a enterprise environment

Need a solution for this ASAP as employees are taking advantage of this…doing this through my firewall is good and all but lately my SSO is causing massive brain damage…Would be great if Comodo has a solution…Seems to be Comodo has a solution for all IT security issuing…Using Comodo is fun and easy…YES

Need help on this ASAP



Unfortunately there isn’t a an option now available in ESM , but you can try blocking those websites using the Firewall through the policies.
Try these settings in CES gui to block certain sites:

Go to Firewall Settings> Global Rules> Add> Action: Block
Protocol: TCP
Direction: In or Out
Description: Block Facebook
Source Address: ANY
Destination Address: Hostname:
Click OK, move the rule the the first position.

Import the policy from that endpoint in CESM, at step 4(Agent Settings) password protect the policy, to prevent users from changing their CES Settings, and apply the policy to all endpoints.
The policy applied will be restricting those website to all users that will be using that system.

Comodo ESM will have a feature similar with your suggestion.

Hey Georgianas,

i tested without luck the block of the webpage has not worked. I have not rebooted the pc yet…will reboot and let you know…i just rebooted and still cesm not blocking websites.I am using multi broswers in my environment(firefox,chrome,ice dragon,opera) needs all to be blocked from that website…just tested in firefox and it blocks.tested in icedragon and firefox and it blocks.tested in firefox and blocks but isn’t blocking in ice dragon even without using comodo dns not working haven’t tested in other browsers yet

On another note if you could pass this note along to your developers they should add when rebooting a pc from the cesm console a rebooting status so the IT Admin knows what exactly is happening on that pc
Also I was thinking there needs to be some type of keyword blockage…like block(games) everything with the keywords would be blocked.Needs to also have the ability to say anything in allowed domain website list can be accessed but what is not in that list is blocked.

allowed: (every other website should be blocked)
There should also be the ability to have a warning pages for pages trying to be access but which is block by the cesm admin

ex: %host% has been blocked by your Comodo Endpoint Security Manager"

this warning message should be customizable so only the CESM IT Admin would have access to it and change the message to suit the IT department. having features like this would put comodo one step further to being one of the best Endpoint Security Systems “EVER”


The capability you are describing belongs in the field ov content or URL filtering and is traditionally done on a perimeter UTM type of device.

That said, Content Filtering, URL filtering, webpage content verification are all coming in ESM soon, probably in Q3 this year but don’t hold me to any specific dates please :slight_smile:

Like the ‘reboot status’ idea. Will pop it in the development queue. Thank you.

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