blocking website

help me, i don’t know how to blocking a website with comodo firewall ?(for example an adult website)

Couple of simple ways to block websites:

  1. add the URL to your HOSTS file at “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” which doesn’t use Comodo at all.
  2. add the URL to firewall/common tasks/my blocked network zones in CFP3


Don’t forget to write it like this:

It won’t work. You can only add IP, MAC or hostname. If you want to block just a specific website, use the HOSTS-file. If you want to block multiply websites, Comodo isn’t made for that. Better use some other software that supports keywords and wildcards.


I just successfully blocked “” by adding it as a host name under “my blocked network zones”. Threw in “” and it blocked that too. Latest version does seem to support urls as hostnames. Always have to check because I am not sure what the developers have done in the latest upgrade.
BTW, there is a bug report that CFP3 won’t log these blocks. But I think it logs OK if you just make them into a network zone called “block”, and block and log the zone in network security policy.

also, you can go to command prompt and ping the site you want to block. you’ll get the ip and enter it into CFP’s single ip address. (just a harder way (:NRD))