Blocking webpages, slow loads

64 bit, Vista Home Premium

Security: use to have Norton 360 but uninstalled for Comodo Firewall.
Not currently using the anti-viral because I am trying to get these problems solved:

I downloaded the Firewall a few days ago, because I heard great things.
I am enjoying the free program but a few problems have arisen.

I use an updated version of Firefox, and some web pages; google homepage, reputable news pages, facebook and other general websites are slow to load or are blocked the first time with the Firefox “problem loading page” error. After clicking the link, or refresh a few times the page finally loads.

I am pretty sure its not my connection as I didnt have these problems before Comodo.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :wink:

First try cleaning cache and cookies of FF and restart the browser. Does that help or does the problem persist?

Can you show me screenshots of the Firewall and D+ logs?