Blocking 'Viewpoint'

Is it possible to configure Comodo Firewall to block the AOL ‘pest’ VIEWPOINT. I have all the enhanced AOL features turned off, but Viewpoint still manages to ‘magically’ reappear from time to time (:WIN) Any responses in layman/non-tech language please!
Nigel (Guitarelf) (S)

Any chance of maybe one little reply (:SAD)…please!
Nigel (Guitarelf)

Welcome to the forum.
You can block a programs internet access if you go to security/tasks and “Define a new banned app…”
I don’t use AOL, but maybe someone else do…?

Appreciate the reply, thank you,
Nigel (Guitarelf)

I don’t have a clue what Viewpoint is, but if it has an exe you can do as i suggested in previous post, but if hasn’t, you maybe could block it’s dll if it has one, in Component monitor.

Here’s something about Viewpoint:

As far as I know, it has an exe, so I’ll follow your suggestion,
Nigel (Guitarelf)