blocking torrents

Thanks to the creators of this prog, i’m loving it.

Question i have is about blocking torrents…

I set up my pc as the host computer sharing a cable connection with two other pc’s. One is shared through MS ICS and the other not.

The one that is not on the ICS network i want to block from having access to any torrent sites or programs, is there any way i can do this through setting up a rule in a zone i created for this pc.

I have successfully blocked the pc from navigating to a few sites i don’t want the “teenager” to go to. Now i just need to set up something that prevents him from downloading via torrents.

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If you don’t open a port in network monitor, he won’t be able to download too much.
It will go really slow.
You can of course block the port he is using, but that wont have any effect if he change the port.
So basically, I don’t think that you have to do anything.
Someone else might have another idea.