Blocking the dns cache read

Valvesoftware is scanning dns cache from every pc that is using steam, they encrypt the url’s with md5 and them sends them back to their servers for tracking.

I want to know if disabling the dns client on windows in services.msc can block them for accessing this data?

Hello Sec,

I too have been following this story and I just want to make some clarifications.

Firstly the DNS cache is only checked and hashed when VAC becomes active, i.e when you connect to a VAC enabled server or perhaps when you start a VAC enabled game, this means that not all Steam users are affected just because they are running Steam.

Secondly there has been no proof so far (at least to my knowledge, if I’m wrong please provide some information on this ;)) that these are actually sent back to their servers, of course that’s not to say that it isn’t happening, just that there is no proof of it happening yet.

I also want to point out that I am not defending Valve here, just want to clear up some misinformation.

But yes to answer your question disabling that service will stop Steam from being able to read that data, simply because it no longer exists, I have personally disabled it because of this story. :wink:

I hope that helps.

Edit: Gabe Newell comments on this: Reddit - Dive into anything