Blocking Skype. How to stop block?

When looking at the firewall event screen, there are items that indicate Skype was blocked:

Application: Skype
Action: Blocked
Source, etc. etc.

Highlighting the entry gives no properties or actions (nothing from a right-click). However, highlighting the entry and selecting “more” from the bottom of the event screen lets one highlight the same entry again and this time there is a right-click menu of choices: Remove this filter, Export to HTML, Filter by …, and Refresh.

My question is: if I select “Remove” will that then stop the firewall from blocking Skype or will it simply remove that entry from the log?

Yes, I’ve looked through the “Policy rules” and searched the Help files. Can’t find anything on “Remove this filter.”

Hi Carls2,

“if I select “Remove” will that then stop the firewall from blocking Skype or will it simply remove that entry from the log?”

It will simply remove the entry from the Log.

“Can’t find anything on “Remove this filter.””

The Filter only affects the Viewing of the Log. Aids when the Log is Huge.

Before clearing your Logs use the IP’s and Ports in the Blocks to troubleshoot your Application and Global Rule Sets to fix the blocks.


Thanks. But the question is how to stop the block. Not there, OK. But where?

Perhaps you blocked the program itself from running? If this is the case, removing the entry from Defense+ rules or changing it to (say) Trusted should allow Skype to run again.

It is either blocked in Firewall rules or Defense+ rules.

OK, so we’re back where we started with this question…

I’ve gone to Firewall Events (there is no Firewall rules) and clicked on the line that has the offending block. From there I’d like to remove the block, not the filter.

More specifically, Skype is listed in the Firewall Events and I can click on it. Now precisely how do I remove that block?

That was meant to be my original question. Apologies for being unclear, but I’m still a bit puzzled about how Comodo works.

To help clarify this puzzle, does your response mean that a D+ program that was not accepted as “trusted” will then be blocked by Firewall? Or will D+ block it? Do D+ blocks show up as Firewall Events? I had thought they were two different systems with separate events and blocks.

Thanks for any further info.

They are separate.
From Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy, locate Skype. Select it and either ‘Edit’ the rule or remove it. Click ‘OK’ to save the change.
A similar procedure is used for Defense+.
Re-run Skype, allowing the Alerts or make it Trusted.

Understood. Will do.

I never would have thought of going to Advanced Firewall for such a common event and would never have looked at Network Policies either! Your help is really essential.

FWIW, I did find Skype there with a “Custom” policy. Specifically the green check says: Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any.

Hard to be more lenient than that! I don’t see anything more liberal in the Predefined Policies, so I’ll try your delete and re-run method.

Many thanks.