blocking processes [Solved]

I terminated a svchost.exe process that was running a unfamilar exe file so i also blocked it. now my computer will not get to the login screen but screen saver still runs. how can i remove files from the blocked file list in safe mode from the command line? or is it possible? I am running vista home basic (32bit)OS. I am about intermediate to advanced user so I can handle some command line scripts. Please I need asap on this one


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You would have to boot in safe mode (With command prompt) or Just Safe Mode
(Press F8 While Booting > Safe Mode With Command Prompt) or Just Safe Mode

Then Start CIS > Defense+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy > Find Block File and Allow it
or Check In the Block’d Files in Defense+

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i changed the directory on the command line to c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security, then i typed start defense+ and it said it cannot find file. Am I missing a step?

The command line would be CFP.exe

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I thought you already knew how to start CIS…
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Yes it did, thanks again jacob!! My skill level also took another jump also!! I learn best through trial and error, never could sit still in class, its an ADD thing!!!

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I didn’t correct you, Jacob. We both assumed something not true. All I did was give the missing information. The credit goes to you, my friend.