blocking Ping requests?

How can I make Comodo block Ping (ICMP Echo) requests? :-\

By default, it does. Do you have a router or something?

I have a D-LINK 5200 router yes, and one other computer connected to the network. I thought that it DID block ping requests but then when I tested it with SHIELDS UP!! it was able to find my ping. Also when playing Warcraft 3 people are able to detect my ping results.

From a web side test, like GRCs Shields Up!, then it is always, in effect, your router that is being tested, not CPF. CPF only sees what the router lets it see. There’s probably a command for your D-LINK 5200 to turn Ping Echo’s off. Do you have a manual? A utility program that came with it? Some of these routers are fairly cool & you have a hardware firewall, with all the fancy bits & bobs. Hardware firewalls are know for their ability to stop unsolicited inbound communication attempts.

Yep… the D-Link 5200 “includes FireWall/Attack Detection, etc…”. You only need CPF for the outbound stuff (which the router knows nothing about). But, CPF shouldn’t see much inbound action. Unless, you let it through on purpose. From what I’ve seen on the web it’s likely that you have some sort of fancy GUI. Perhaps you could sort the pings out in there?

BTW Some games… not sure about WC… actually require you to respond to pings, otherwise they don’t work properly.

How do I unblock ping requests?

Hi apesmoel, welcome to the forums.

You would need to allow inbound ICMP Echo Requests. But, you would still need something to hear those requests and respond with an ICMP Echo Reply. So, I guess that you would only need to allow whatever was listening to Echo Requests access to the internet. CFP should prompt you for this when this program runs. If CFP is blocking something (ie. the inbound request), then there should be a record of this is in CFPs Log.

Ok, thanks. :THNK