Blocking IP not working


I added a ruleset to block the IP in question but it is not working, it keeps popping back up whenever I’m running my web browser, downloading gigabytes of data in the background. Adding the IP to window’s hosts file didn’t work either.

I am using COMODO Firewall

Have you tried to put the firewall rule to block that IP at the very top of the Firewall Application Rules list?

I have not, I will try that now.

Not working, I’m being spammed by that stupid cloudfare IP again. I have to use Peerblock for this which is doing fine, what am I doing wrong with COMODO?

Also why this the forum address now I have never seen something precede the WWW before in the url address.

If that cloudflare IP is an incoming connection than block it by creating a “Global Rule” with these settings :

Action : Block
Protocol : IP
Direction : In
Description :
SOURCE ADDRESS : “IPv4 Single Address” or “IPv6 Single Address”

After creating the rule move it to the top of the “Global Rule” list.

Did all that except “In and Out” for direction and I inputted the blocked IP for both source and destination address (don’t wanna download or upload from them), do I have to create a separate rule for source and destination?

Did all that except “In and Out” for direction

  • Global Rules are mainly meant to control incoming connections, so use “In” as direction not “In and Out”.
    and I inputted the blocked IP for both source and destination address
  • In the Global rule set only Source address to that IP, leave Destination address set to Any.
    don’t wanna download or upload from them
  • Create a separate Firewall Application Rule for outgoing connections. Use direction “Out”, set Source address to Any, set Destination address to that IP, set Source and Destination Ports to Any. Place the created application rule at the top of the applications rules list.

Using block network zone inteface would the easiest way to block an IP address no need to create rules. Comodo Internet Security Blocked Zones, Network Connection | COMODO