Blocking in CIS 6.2

Everytime a popup comes up asking what I want to do with a connection and I click “BLOCK”, another sub-window opens, asking me to “BLOCK” or “BLOCK and TERMINATE”. This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING, I just need the one-click block!

Why is it so hard to click twice?
Are you afraid you’re gonna break a mouse or lost 1-2 seconds of your life?

A wasted answer. Even Microsoft caved in and trimmed the clicks from VISTA to WIN7. It’s not just two clicks, but waiting for a second dialogue, and pointing and clicking again. Multiplied by n times = SUPER annyoing.

How are you using CIS? Proactive mode? What settings? By default CIS is set to internet security and should produce zero pop ups.

HIPS is disabled, I’ve imported a 5.x configuration and Firewall is set to CUSTOM RULES. Beyond that I haven’t checked what has changed in pop-up management.

He is talking abour firewall alerts…
This is by design…if you don’t like it, turn off firewall alerts.
What second dialogue? It just opens suboptions in the same popup.

Maybe importing from such an older version to 6.2 is causing this?

There is no Proactive mode in Advanced Firewall setting. Alert level was deactived, which is the same as setting it to “VERY HIGH” I assume. That is what I want, what I don’t want is more options when pressing “BLOCK”. Or at least make the suboptions configurable so I can close the window with one click.

Geeez…are you unable to click twice?
Yeah, right…they’re gonna change it only for you…

I am speaking of the CIS settings. CIS has 3 levels. You were better off uninstalling your previous version completely and making all new rules. Relax. 88)

This is your opinion, you may keep it to yourself if you have nothing to add to the topic.

Jorgosch please relax. Within an hour you have 3 threads going on. Mainly caused by not completely uninstalling CIS 5.xx first. You went from a very old version to a completely new version. Thats like installing Windows 7 on top of XP. I suggest you follow this.

This very issue is an issue with how the firewall pop-ups are designed it has nothing to do with not properly un-installing CIS 5.xx.

It would be nice for them to add an option to set it to always perform a certain action when selecting block the first time. I would like that.

Please create a new topic for that in the wishlist, and add a poll so I can vote for it. :-TU

You may use the upgrade installer to upgrade from CIS V5.12 to CIS V6.

But please do not import a old CIS V 5.12 configuration into CIS V 6 as the is a very high risk that will have serious problems including lost rules malfunctions and BSOD’s.



I get you OP, I feel the same. As I never use ‘Block and Terminate’ and have it set to alert for every IP and port, it is annoying that there’s no way to just one-click block.

The other thing, is that it could be confusing for users that don’t know the difference between ‘Block’ and ‘Block and Terminate’ and end up terminating the process, even though they only wanted to stop it from connecting to the internet, not kill the Process. Just having the option to ‘Block’ or ‘Allow’ is much less confusing, especially if you’re installing it on someone else’s computer who isn’t particularly tech savvy.

I maybe missing something, but I’m not really sure what usefulness ‘Block and Terminate’ serves for Firewall alerts anyway, as I would imagine the Process will just re-start itself again in the future, where you will just be faced with exactly the same decision on whether to allow or block the connection(s). The user may just as well make that decision the first time the alert appears.