Blocking domains and sub-domains

Suppose I want to block all access to with comodo how do I do that ?
Does this work … Go to “My blocked network zones”, then add “A new blocked address” then enter “” under “A host name”
Or do I enter … Or would I be better off with an IP

Suppose I want to allow, but I want to block
How do I do that ?

(I have already blocked access in my hosts file)


This question went to page 2 of the forum with no reply. I wonder why.

I did a good search on this forum and placed the question on experts-exchange before posting here.

I’d appreciate it if someone could reply

Got a similar post here:

and am not getting any help either. Wonder why ???

One last try before I give up.

Can anyone help ?

you can do that, but use the ip address of the site you want to block. I like to use , and it can work if the other page has a different address. Check it out. has an ip of but the main is so if I block the first one I can block yahoo mail but not the search engine.

Many thanks languy