Blocking dns redirection from isp.......

First off. I have Charter cable for my isp. And of course they use dns redirection. I have found a way to block that just recently by using dnsmasq with Tomato firmware. Here is the kicker. My pages now load at lighting speed and I get no more page time outs. Or slowness in general. The speed increase is just insane. Is this technically even possible or me just imagining things? I cannot describe this in technical terms because it is beyond my knowledge. The best way I could possibly describe it. Is before. It would be slower like getting scanned through a proxy first or some thing. If that makes any kind of sense. Example. I have Avira 9 Premium edition. Enabling webguard slows down my connection. That is how it would act before doing this dnsmasq gig.

Not all ISP’s have quality DNS servers running. So this is very well possible. You could convince yourself by temporarily switching to Open DNS or Comodo’s Secure DNS servers and experience higher speeds as well.

I am actually still using my isp’s dns. I bench marked opendns and comodo dns. My isp is still faster.