Blocking all outbound traffic by default and anti-virus


i was looking for a firewall to stop installed programs to access the internet.

I once had Zon Alarm installed. There everytime a program tries to access the internet, you get a notification and can then allow or deny the request.

So I decided to try Comodo Firewall.

First off, when downloading the isntaller you can only install the complete suite with Antivirus. I already have Avast installed. When I deactivate the COmodo Antivirus the tra icon turns red as if the whole suite is deactivated.

Then I cannot find an option to ask programs for permission to access the web.

You can block all traffic. Then no program can access the internet.

However, when I start a program I don’t get a message where I can allow access for this program.

I have the option “Do not show popup alerts” disabled.

Can I set Comodo Firewall to ask me if I want to allow a program accessing the web?

And can I just install the firewall?

You need to change the Firewall Setting from Safe Mode to Custom.



Here some links to the release 8012.

Comodo Firewall (Pare-feu):

Comodo Internet Security Offline (you can disable AV installation):