Blocker with latest build only!!


I installed (via autoupdate) the latest build 4792. Changelog: added compatibility with w10. Nothing else in your changelog.

ok, I have Vista and…I cannot use CIS.

Turn the PC on, wait for the boot process, the icons appear in the systray, but the CIS icon doesnt. At this point my Vista hangs. I have to turn the PC off (Power off, since mouse and ctrl alt del doesnt work).

A critical issue has been introduced with latest build, dedicated to w10.

What to do?

either fix it please or how to reinstall the previous build? but then what to do for future upgrades?

Its not good forcing the power off every day due the total hang caused by loading CIS at startup, then I have to perform a scan disk. Maybe that you added compatibility for w10 introducing regressions for Vista?

PS: no minidump logs available in C:\Windows, since this is not a blue screen but a permanent hang.

Watch out for the lifecycle of Windows Vista: Lifecycle FAQ - Windows | Microsoft Learn

The offical one was April 12, 2012 so there could be some problem with some drivers which Comodo uses, and Microsoft will not fix it (don’t know if Comodo could do something).

Anyway: is Vista 32 or 64 bit? Do you have some particular hardware/software installed? Did you try to log in into safemode and watch the event viewer?

Hi, ehm no merlin 86, Vista will die on 11th april 2017. I just installed the MS bulletin on 8th December 2015 :wink:

All was ok until comodo people introduced changes for w10.

Vista32 SP2 Home Premium.
I guess that Vista is still supported by Comodo.

Hardware: soundblaster headphones as usual since 14th december 2014.

I find Minidump folder only.
Zero crashes.

But after the latest upgrade, after one year usage, I cannot use CIS because it is embarrassing to switch the power off.
Its strange but I never had issues with Vista since 2008 (its strange ok).
This issue happens at boot only.

Performing a search in Event viewer about “Comodo” I find nothing.

No idea if these driver are related to CIS:


Anyway this time I was present at the whole boot process: in systray I saw a blanc square icon, remainig blanc, and…total hang. mouse blocked. switch power off.
Reboot>your pc has been shutdown in a bad way etc etc… start in normal mode, ok…> desktop > the blanc icon after a while turned itself into the red icon C (comodo), then moved itself to the extreme left of the systray, as usual.

that is the blanc icon of Comodo.
If it does appear and moves on the left, then all is ok; if it remains as in the image above, then you become a OS hang.


Thanks for investigating, I add the dump files.
Thanks a lot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I attached the log file.

I suggest creating a bug report.