Blocked Plugins Placeholder

To begin, I’m impressed. I left Chrome because I did not like Google deciding when my browser should be updated – and behind my back at that. Although, I did notice that “Google Update” was enabled as a plugin by default in Dragon, how come?

Anyhow, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. What I wanted to point out is that there is no visual placeholder for plugins that are blocked. I browse the web with plugins OFF. I know that’s a bit out of the ordinary, but trust me, - you don’t have to trust me, I’m just saying that’s the way I roll. In chrome there used to be an “X” and an image of a puzzle piece notifying you that there is a plugin that’s not been loaded, and to help things out a big as well the color f the placeholder let you know the boundaries of the plugin. For me, this would be EXTREMELY valuable, not just because I’m different at surfing than other people, but because I am a web developer. This would be very helpful to be able to know the boundaries while a site is in development (for a number of reasons I won’t spend time explaining here).

Finally, I don’t know why the Chrome core code decided to stop accepting key combinations on context sensitive menus, but I woud appreciate it if someone would bring that back.

Let me explain. If you install chrome 12.x (it’s just the version I used to have), when there was a placeholder for a plugin I would right-click it and just push “R” on the keyboard (for Run this plugin). I can’t do that anymore!!! WHY??? What’s the big deal with being able to push a button. What I think has happened is the focus has been disabled, thus disabling the ability for this simple, yet VERY neat feature.

Although I haven’t tested it, I would venture to say that this keyboard combination change also affects other context sensitive menus.

Once again, I’d like to thank the CD developers for morphing Chrome into a work fo art. I almost want to pay for this browser it’s so good.

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I have the same problem as GreenLED , no placeholder for blocked plugins even if I enable the click to play option in the plugins section of the settings(via dragon://flags/ – click to play option ) . I have looked at some other Chromium based browsers (Chromium itself, Srware Iron , Google Chrome, ChromePlus) and enabling the click to play option in the plugin section of the settings work , Dragon being the only one in which this option do not work (it behave like I have selected the Block all the plugins). I do not know if this is the way Dragon should behave or it is a bug but I do not want to install a extension to control the plugins(especially Flash) since Chromium based browsers have the native capability to do that (I know that this option is experimental but why it works in other browsers but in Dragon not?) I hope that this problem will be fixed soon.
I have to mention that this is happening on Win XP Pro SP3(32bit) fully patched, Dragon version is the latest stable( ,I have no extensions installed, the only active plug-ins are Flash and the default plug-in, the default theme, Dragon is installed in the default C:\ drive, I am using administrator rights and I do not have installed Google Chrome.

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