blocked intrusion attempts

hello i am new to using comodo firewall professional. I went into check the firewall events and there were about 100 attempts for the application system blocked. They were either protocol udp or tcp. I remember a popup coming up saying something about system being another computer trying to connect to mine. I am on a wireless network so would this be someone else on that network trying to hack my computer? Thanks for your time any assistance will be appreciated.

Well, I’m new to this too and I’m trying out to see if it works and fired up a torrent. And then I get lots of Intrusion Attempts too, though when I stop the torrent the Attempts stop for me. Are you running any torrents? Just a thought :slight_smile:

For me though, I have a problem with it showing 0 inbound and outbound connections even though I clearly have lots of connections going on.

no im not using any torrents

Hmm, well then I don’t know since I’m learning too today. Though I got two random people trying to connect to an MYSQL port and another to a Remote Desktop port. I guess some people are just scanning IP ranges for possible open ports and applications to exploit.

Well, good luck though. At least Comodo seems to be working :slight_smile:

yea i know it is working :). thanks and good luck to you as well

well if you had the message that another computer was trying to connect to yours and you’re on a wireless network, that’s the confirmation that it did :SMLR. And I’m not surprised that you find those alerts in your firewall log. If you don’t need it, you should disable filesharing and printersharing on the TCP/IP, as well as remote desktop and remote assistance in system properties. Could you post a screenshot of your log showing those blocked connections?

hey how do I go about turning all of that stuff off?im not sure how to get a picture in my post either, thanks for your help!!

i turned off those thinks and it did not help…