Blocked images[RESOLVED]

Hi All,
I have had Comodo a few days now and I find it a bit more complicated than ZA although it seems to work well and it is quite keen!! and that has given me a couple of problems, the first is each time I visit a web page I have to click the " View " tab and select, Blocked Images to be able to see the pic’s etc in the page, I’m sure there is something to press to alter this but I can’t find it.
Second prob is as I am reloading my programs onto the new hdd the Comodo security popup pop’s up contimuously stopping the install asking if its ok, sometimes as many as 10 times or more while loading a program, I’v tried putting " Trusted program " in the menu but the popups continue.
Any help to sort out these probs will be apreciated.
Regards Bob.

Hi tyler,

Not sure about the browser issue,which is your prefered flavour?
With regards to the installing issue when you get the first pop-up use the function “Treat as” installer or updater but dont have "remember my answer" ticked,you should then be given the option to switch to "Installation mode" tick YES if you know its a legit application and the install should be allright.


ps one thing you could try for your browser,look under Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Find your browser/Highlight it and choose “Edit”/now check use a pre-defined policy and from the drop down choose “Web Browser”/APPLY to close all windows

Hi Matty
Thank’s for the info, I will be able to set Comodo to Install mode now.

I havent solved the other prob yet, my browser is Internet Explorer and I thought that it was Comodo that was blocking I E from showing the images, they all come visible when I click " View " > Blocked Images, its just a pain having to do it every tome I visit a web page.

Regards Bob.

Hi All
Still need a bit of help with the blocked images, I think it must be the Comodo firewall that is configured to stop them but I cant find any way to tell the prog to let images through.
Regards tyler.

Comodo doesn’t have a web shield and does not interfere with loading images. Also do not use IE. Instead use Firefox. Its safer and faster. What is your av?

Hi Vettetech
That explains that then, many thanks for that, I will look now in another direction, my anti virus is AntiVir which seems to work ok, and I tried Fire Fox last year, I can’t remember what it was or why, but I didn’t care for it so I took it off.
Mant thanks regards tyler.

Avira Free or Avira Premium?

Hi Again
My AV is Avira Free. I have used it for about two weeks now as I have swapped from A.V.G. because I got some nasties that AVG didn’t find.
Regards tyler.

If you want great free protection then use Avast. Avira Free lacks spyware protection and AVG blows.

Hi tyler,as i said i dont use Internet Explorer and havnt for a while but i did some looking today.I can`t seem to find an option View Blocked Images.
The one thing i did find which you could check is Tools/Internet options/Advanced/Under Multimedia ensure"Show Pictures" is ticked or you could try to Restore Internet Explorer settings


Soz G

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errrr perhaps it’s your IE setting ??? maybe you’ve accidentally untick the show picture option?
tools/internet options/advanced/Multimedia
tick the show pictures
hope it helps :■■■■


Hi Guys
Thanks for your help, I have just done a clean install of XP Pro Sp3 and as you know it takes time finding all the little tweeks you once had!! sorry Matty I might be misleading you, although my browser is IE it’s in Outlook Express under the “View” tab that the " View Blocked Images " option is shown. and all the images in the mails are show after I click that.
I have tried what you suggested and the Show Pic’s was indeed checked, and I also checked Show Image Download Placeholders, whatever that is?? to no avail, so now I am now trying another direction and have reinstalled Java and I think I will need a flash program.
Avira free does seem to have a reasonable scanner and will perform a rootkit search pre scan,
I don’t think Avast is a free program, ? I used AVG for 5yrs untill the latest version let something through, but what do you mean by AVG “Blows?” we all need a good blowout from time to time !! LOL
Regards Robert.

Of course Avast is free. Just check out there site. Also why did you just reinstall your OS? Did you install Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player?

huh ??? so you mean you can’t see images in an email ??? i think my thunderbird do the same thing too. it says to protect security, thunderbird block pic from this email blah blah blah.

what about this :
on outlook express :

untick the block images & other external content in HTML email

Hi again guys

Success!! it was the "Block images in HTML" that needed unticking, many thanks I will write this cure down for further use.

I had bad blocks on my C:/ hdd and so I reformated my new 80gb storage drive and loaded XP O/S onto that and then bought a new 250 gb drive to use for storage.
I have installed Java but not Adobe Flash or Shockwave yet, do I need them both? & what do they do?

That’s a new term to me ???

I might have jumped the gun on Avast as I have not checked for myself, I downloaded Avast recently and put it on my pals PC for him, and it was he who said it was only a 60 day trial, I’ll have another look but Antivir seems to have all that AVG had.
Regards to all, Robert.

it worked? ??? wow, i’m impressed with myself ;D
err don’t know about those java,shockwave thingy.

here you can download avast free:

you’ll need to register. but it’s 100% free. :slight_smile:

Hi Vettetech
why did you just reinstall your OS? Did you install Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player?

As stated bellow I had bad blocks on the C:\ hdd with Windows on it so I changed it, is it advantagious to have both Flash player and Shockwave?
Regards Bob.

I didn’t just install my OS. I asked you that question.

Hi Vet
That was supposed to be a quote from your mail with my answer below, :slight_smile: when I have another look, it does look like I’m asking the question, its just that I’m not to good at working in forums, I usualy ask a question and then it takes me days to find the forum again LOL, but I try!!
Regards Bob.

Well if you are quoting somebody simply hit the “quote” button on the right corner.