blocked Folders and files

Hi, folks.
I’ve been using old Comodo v. 3 for years and Defense+ had a very interesting option that I’ve used as privacy option: the blocked files. It just opens a dialog to choose your files/folders to add and voila! nobody can access anything inside this vault. All access are denied so as none (not even yourself) can even read any file or access a folder to see his content.

Currently I have installed CIS Premium 7.0 and can’t find the option that activate this function. Yes, I noted the Protected Objects in HIPS tab, but just add the files/ folders there doesn’t hinder anyone to access them.
So, my doubt is: how to activate this old function to deny all access to the selected files/folders?

Thanks in advance.

Under Protected Objects you should see several “tabs” the first one to show is Protected Files and Folders, to get to Blocked Files you have to click on the relevant tab.

Hi Sanya. I’ve read that Help page but it seems it also doesn’t help. “Protected files” tab let add only executable files or running process; I want to add any file like a .docx or .xlsx and so on. Besides, it’s easier for me add an entire folder than add file by file.
Is there a way to add folders with the function Comodo 3 had?

Look under the Blocked Files tab. I think with some editing of a block rule you may be able to use wild cards like you would like.

I tried your suggestion but with no success :frowning:

I have also tried the following:
In HIPS Settings: Enable HIPS – enabled
IN Rulesets, I created a group named XXX and added the folder ZZZ to it. In Exclusions I added the group XXX to the Blocked Files/Folders tab.
In HIPS Rules, I added a customized rule and also added the group XXX to the Blocked Files/Folders tab (in exclusions).

But it still doesn’t protect, I can open the folder and his documents.

What am I doing wrong?