Blocked by webwasher

Hi Melih,

I’m sorry about the negative states for Trusttoolbar out there in the internet. It’s a taff job to get rid of a negative wrong statment, because the internet does not forget anything.

Reading some forums showed me again the lack of trustworthy information in many forums. So despite of the discussions about the Trusttoolbar’s spyware-declaration I’ll check your product and make up my own mind.

To support your efforts to sweep away the spyware-declarations here an other product that doesn’t seem to like you:


This tool restricts the interenet access in the company where I’m working. Obviously they rated the as “Computer Crime”. - Not very nice …

Might be usefull for you to contact them to correct the rating.
If you would like to get some other links of comodo and partners checked up against the webwasher, just ask for it.


Here the screenshot:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks do.

Like we have done with the others, we will get in touch with them and ask them to correct their entry. I am sure they are a decent outfit and correct their false positive.
thanks for alerting us.