Blocked Applications Cleaning

Is there a way to clear the “Blocked Applications” list of files that you do not want to “unblock” as it only has a unblock and file details option. Not all that end up in this “Blocked Applications” need to be “unblocked”.


Not yet . . . but hopefully in a another release. There is a wish list about it

So what is the temp solution, just unblock the program or just leave it there after we purge the container? If no workaround, was this feature included in an earlier version of CFW that one could use on Windows 10?

I do not think people will want to just unblock the program to clear the entry because it would just defeat the purpose, and might possibly open the door to malware if the user is not familiar with the program that appears there.

I think this feature and update should be a priority for CFW 10.

I did some further research, and found that the last version 8 of CFW has this omitted feature, so as a workaround, I downgraded. Seems to be more informative than v10, anyway. So far, working good on my Windows 10 PC.

Will it be as secure as v10, I guess it is a matter of trying it out but no matter what version one has, they are always works in progress. Layered approach to my security programs has always been the best approach for me. Your mileage may vary.