Block portable apps


I have recently upgraded to windows 8 and also new to CIS.

I am trying to block a few portable apps from executing whether downloaded or from usb.
For eg. tor, firefox portable, utorrent etc.
In windows 7, I used gpedit, to prevent certain filenames from executing. Is it possible to do the same using CIS ?


I would suggest to look one time through the windows of the program. On each window there is a link “What is this?”.
That way you learn what it provides, and by the way you will find features that are usefull for you. And you get things explained on the spot.

There are several ways to reach your goal. From drastic to moderate. Depends on your intention.

Check and make settings for programs! I am saying this, because with a wrong setting you can “disable” protection. Usually its named “userfriendly features” what would cause effects like this.

Basically comodo is about default deny.