block port isn't working

I am trying to block access to the internet for firefox unless it is going to specific proxy server.
This is to prevent the RTMP protocol from connecting directly on port 1935 and forcing it to go through a proxy.
However, everytime I restart firefox, COMODO decides to change all its rules and allow everything.
How can I get COMODO to only action the rules I specifically set myself!?!??!

What configuration are you using? Look under Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations. Are you changing the rules in the Firewall or Defense +?

It needed to be custom policy mode.

However, it seems COMODO cannot block port 1935 because it has no access to block RTMP - it isn’t even a recognised protocol?

It only gives me TCP, UDP, etc.

You can change the FF rule and add a block on outgoing traffic on port 1935. Would that do the trick for you?