block network?

hey all im new to comodo, thanks to languy99 :wink: i was wondering what settings etc i could use to completly block other pcs on the network (router) and also to disable any popup telling me that the connection has been blocked. as im on a router which is set up with 3 other pcs a xbox and a laptop i dont want there pc etc connecting to mine as there computer noobs, cheers ;D

edit forgot to mention at the moment i have disabled the sanboxed feature as im using sandboxie. i keep gettign a popup like application: System / Remote - UDP / Port nbdgrab(138)… all i want to do is block any incoming/outing connections to other pcs on the network.

*edit sorry for the edits lol, probs better if i edit than spam the post i created. I have set the stealth port wizard to “block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone” does this mean no pc’s on the network (router) can connect to my pc?.. also if i add the loopback zone to the “my blocked network” zones"?

You can try

CIS-Firewall-Advanced-Network Security Policy

Select third option - Stealth ports to every one and your computer will be invisible to everyone.

Further, when you reopen the stealth ports wizard the GUI will open at first option giving a confusion whether computer is stealthed. You can confirm the stealthness from global rules (CIS-Firewall-Advanced-Computer security policy-global rules). If the rules therein is as given in the attached screen shot, the computer is stealthed…

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ah cheers m8, yea mine looked the same as the attached screenshot, thanks :slight_smile:

is it best to also leave firewall security level in safe mode?

I prefer Custom Policy Mode which will give me alerts for any program that tries to access internet, except those against which rules are already created in ‘Computer Security Policy’.

In Safe Mode you will not get alerts for programs which are considered ‘safe’ by CIS. So, in a way, most of the programs in your computer, assuming that it is safe, will have access to internet without any alerts. But, the good part is if a virus or unrecognized program try to access internet you will get alert.

ah, cheers think i would stick with safe for now ;D atleast till i learn its settings etc a little more. at the moment all i have done is set the port stealthed like you mentioned, running in safe mode with sandbox of. was wondering, how do i change rules, like set programes to outgoing/incoming only?.. ive reinstalled commondo twice and it dosent go back to default setup because i was gona change the rules manually when i ge ta pop up.

Firewall rules can be configured under CIS-Firewall-Advanced-Network Security Policy

There are some pre-configured rules like outgoing only in firewall which you can set for your applications or you can configure it manually as you wish by double clicking the program name - edit. Further, if you click ‘remember my action’ when firewall alert comes up, the said rule will be automatically created in Nework Security Policy and you will not get further alerts for the said application. (i.e. Allow / Block rule as selected by you will be saved in network security policy and CIS will handle future alerts on its own without giving you any trouble).

Defense+ rules under CIS-Defense+l-Advanced-Computer Security Policy

Same is the case with Computer Security Policy.