Block IP

Hello !

By mistake I did allow a connection to an ip and now I want to block!
Need help !

Hey and warm welcome to Comodo forums!

Where did you added and do you know what ip address it is? in Global rules or where? if you don’t know try to look in View firewall events.

if it’s in global rules then double click on it and change from allow to block.

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Valentin N

Thanks for the warm welcome !
The IP appears in Firewall Events.

have you follow my tips in my previous post or no?

Valentin N

No because the ip does not appears in the Global Rules

Then add it there. :slight_smile:

Valentin N

Or add it to Blocked Network Zones under Network Security Policy. This will work better when you want to block a lot of IP addresses; they will clutter the Global Rules area otherwise.

Follow Eric’s idea. :-TU eric

Thanks, it worked !:-TU