Block IP Protocol ? Why ?


I’ve been looking for some solution to be able to use comodo + utorrent + randomize port option .

I know how to create rules for utorrent with an specific port number but my problem is I have to randomize the port number for some reason.

anyway I decided to allow IP Protocol in network monitor or at least create to allow rules for TCP & UDP IP protocols .

I think by doing so my computer is not in stealth mode any more and I have no problem with that .

So I want to know what exactly happens if some one allows IP Protocol like I did ?

You’d be inviting hackers to your computer. No joke. The IP protocol is basically everything within CFP’s realm. There’s a reason why it’s at the bottom of the Network Monitor rules list, whereby if all the rules above it aren’t met, everything else is blocked in and out. There shouldn’t be a need to randomize port if you assign a high numbered port like 30000 or higher in uTorrent because most other (Windows) programs don’t use them.