Block IP option in alert box when not alerting for IP

hello, i have only been using the product a week. i like it.

i have it set to alert for port numbers. i dont want it to alert for every IP address. but i would still like the option to block IP address from an alert box.

the alert will say something like

application: msnmsgr.exe
Remote: - TCP
port: 1863

if i choose to block this request, it only blocks the port number. but i would like the option to block the port number and/or IP address.

there is no quick option that i can see to block the IP address. i would have to write it down and then manually block it.

it would be nice and easy if there was a block IP option on the alert aswell

Just set your alert level to “Very High”.

This this is a matter of ease-of-use. I would go further and say there should be an “advanced custom rule wizard” option akin to outpost firewall - basically allowing you to open the rule creation window from the alert, with the alert’s information already entered in for you.

This would save the trouble of opening up the firewall, as well as clicking allow-block for several consecutive alerts that usually show up following an individual rule created from the “very high” alert setting.

I support this OP! :slight_smile: