block fragmented ip datagrams

Is it possible to activate the blocking of fragmented packets and at the same time enabling the transmission of these packages inside your LAN?

The problem I have is concerning the sending of these packages from my desktop computer and media player TViX.

Thank you

I don’t think so. I think if you select block fragmented packets it will block all fragmented packets, but I have not tested it.

I think you would need to set up a seperate PC just as a firewall to do this. It could be done using a virtual PC, but I think it will be slightly complicated to set up.


No that’s a “global” setting for attack detections so it’s either on or off, there is no way you can build rules that allow this. What you could do is use 2 policy’s and switch between them maybe that could help you out a little.

What’s the problem with the connection to the TViX ?

you can read this

you might want to put that in the wish list at least one other person wants it and with the Rise in TVix users they might listen make sure and say why you want it.


Thanks for yours reply.

OD; i have added it to whish list
Ronny; the multimedia files can not play for the TVIX in my samsung tv. The log of Outpost Firewall 2009 is the following:

Like i say in the post of whis list, in the OUTPOST FIREWALL PRO 2009 (also i think in 2008) IS IMPOSSIBLE DISABLE the block segmented packs and this, i take away to COMODO.

It is necessary to divide between separate packets to media players and others… ESPECIALLY IF THE DESTINY of THIS SEGMENTED PACKETS IS ONE IP OF MY NETWORK !!