Block .exe file

Sorry if this has been covered before, please can you advise how to block a .exe file from installing?

If a software is trusted by Comodo by default it will automatically be allowed to install. Are you saying you want to configure CIS to give you full control over this?

By default all unknown apps will either be run in a restrictive sandbox or will prompt you for permission to install. Are you saying that you want greater control than this?

Please clarify the situation you are referring to.


Hello Chiron. Thank you for your reply. There was a warning that JAVA hackers could try to install “up 1.exe” and “up 2.exe”. i thought I would block them. Sorry, i had it wrong. Thanks again.

When you’re concerned about being attacked on the web using Java you can disable Java in your browsers or set the security level of Java in browsers to very high. Those options are present in the Java Control Panel of the latest three versions of Java.

Hello EricJH. Thank you for your reply.