block cookies + referers

i’m new with CFP
i’m using version in win XP system.
How can i block cookies and referers and increment the privacy?

That’s a job for your browser not the firewall. Chech your browser’s options.

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Japo is correct; the firewall does not block referrers, popups, cookies, etc. That is deemed to be the responsibility of the browser. Even Internet Explorer has options for these things, to at least some extent.

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there is suggestion for those blocking features to be part of comodo firewall on plugin topic but pls no (omg, who da hell tink of dat to b part of a firewall?).

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It’s just crazy using a 3rd party program for that. The websites simply ask for it but it’s actually no other than the browser program itself which writes the cookies and provides the referrer info within its normal operation, not any malware. So it’s the browser which should be asked to stop doing that. It makes no sense asking a program to thwart what you have allowed another program to do.

Referers and cookies only affect privacy, not your security. Also, there lots of legitimate websites that require them, otherwise they won’t load properly; and it’s not always obvious.