Block All websites Except few

Hi there,

I am using Comodo internet security premium. Its working greatly in website blocking. But I want to block all websites except few.
If I add the websites to exclusion category and add it to allowed sites rule, all websites can be browsed along with listed sites…
Is there any option in comodo internet security to whitelist few websites and block all? what changes I have to make to achieve my requirement?

Add the sites you want to allow to the exclusion list and then create a new category called something like “Manually blocked sites” and then add a new site to that category that contains just a single asterisk (*) then go to the website filter rules and edit the Blocked rule to then add the category “Manually blocked Sites” to it and then click OK, now make sure “Allowed” is listed above “Blocked” in the rules.

Worth noting is that the “Allowed” rules has a category for “Safe Sites” as determined by Comodo, if you don’t want these you can remove that category from the rule.

Worth noting is also that the website filter doesn’t work 100% properly with all browsers, it may not be able to block https sites in certain browsers or under certain circumstances.

Thank you Sanya for your reply…It worked

Oh, I just created a thread about the HTTPS web filtering issue… I wouldn’t have bothered if I had read this thread before.

Could you elaborate on this if you don’t mind?
Some sort of compatibility issue or bug
Is there any known solution for this problem?
Or is it a limitation of the firewall?

I don’t know the exact limitations or reason for those limitations, a possible reason could be HTTPS sites that use SPDY or something similar but I’m not sure about that, then it seems that the web filter simply doesn’t filter certain web browsers properly (like Vivaldi) and then there is currently a compatibility issue between the web filter and the SSL Intrusion Prevention setting in Zemana AntiLogger Free when using FireFox, besides that there may also be other issues that haven’t been identified yet. As far as I understand they are working on these issues. I don’t know of any workarounds at this moment.

OK, thank you for that info.

After some more testing, I’m beginning to suspect that the culprit of my issues is not exclusively the HTTPS protocol. The way in which I added websites to the firewall blacklist may also account for the lack of HTTPS website content filtering I’ve been observing. I mean the wildcard character rules as explained in this tutorial: Defining or Modifying Website Categories, Comodo Internet Security | COMODO.

I found that after adding wildcard characters () before and after the domain name string of a specific ad of Amazon homepage (“” - already included in hphosts servers list), the firewall is able to block the ad on the HTTPS website. However it doesn’t block it if I just put a wildcard after "". It ought to block since this specific string starts the URL (maybe the string is too long?). Wildcard characters before and after a specific string aren’t optimal since this will block all URLs including the string, indiscriminately.

Have to test more. I’m getting inconsistent results messing around with single entries and several HTTPS websites. I think it would be useful for Comodo developers to implement global wildcard character rules (or something more intuitive) on the web filtering menu so that users could easily toggle, experiment and apply those “formatting rules” to imported lists. The ability to let users add wildcard characters to all the entries of any imported list should be a no brainer given the absence of premade/formatted lists according to the requirements of the Comodo web filter and the extremely slow process of deleting big lists.

Hosts file format lists don’t include wildcard characters. The hpHosts list I’m using has more than 40 thousand entries; it’s unreasonable to expect that users will go through the effort of editing each entry to make it work right with the firewall. Either a big design flaw or I just used to wrong format to import a blacklist of ads and trackers… Or maybe both… Otherwise the problem is truly and solely HTTPS related and there’s nothing one can do to circumvent it.

Again I faced one more problem, Comodo Firewall files to block websites with https:// connection in chrome 46 and higher versions. It also failed in Opera 16. Any idea to solve this ?