"Block all umatching" Rule

I have WinXP Home SP2 and CFP v3. Nothing seems to interfere with CFP (NOD32 has only on-execute and on-modify scans enabled, no web traffic scan, no other residential security software). I created a ruleset for eMule. It has two incoming ports open (one TCP one UDP) and everything runs fine. I also have an “allow all outgoing”-type rule.

I did like this - i enable logging for the bottom “allow-all” rule. It logs outgoing traffic, everything’s ok. Now i add a “block all unmatching” rule - a rule, set to block everything and put in the bottom of the ruleset. I also turn on logging for this rule. If it worked correctly, i would be able to connect out, because all outgoing TCP/UDP is allowed. But the eMule outgoing traffic (with exception of that two open ports, that strangely enough work fine) is getting blocked by a “block-all” rule, which should only block the unmatched packets. Why is that? This system works fine within the “Web Browser” predefined policy, but fails in here.

EDIT i mean i view FW logs and see that the traffic is being BLOCKED.

The “Block all unmatching requests” refers to requests that do not match the rules allowing connections on the list above the “Block” rule. It is basically a “Block All” rule, but it is applied only to requests that do not meet the “Allow” rules that are applied first in the list.