Block all - not blocking anything

Hi there,

Im new to this forum and a new user of the Comodo firewall. So there is still a lot for me to explore. But im at a loss now with this simple bit of functionality. When i check “Firewall security level - Block all” i think all internet connections should be blocked right?

Now…why can i still get my email with TB, surf the internet wit FF and even log into SKYPE? Why isnt “block all” blocking all my internet traffic?

Are you by chance also running Avast 7 with the web filter enabled on Windows 7?

No, but i was using zonealarm b4 using comodo. There the same thing seemed to occur, blocking all traffic didnt seem to affect my internet connection.

But zonealarm isnt that user friendly, so i just quit using it and tried comodo. But still i seem to be unable to block all internet traffic.

Please run the ZA clean up tool to be sure it is completely uninstalled. Does that make a difference or does the problem persist?

Yeay! :-TU

The problem is solved. I feel a bit stupid, I could have thought of this myself. I guess the problem with ‘block all’ in zonealarm (one of the reasons i got comodo) made me feel helpless.

Thanks a lot! Now, i will go on learning about this firewall, so you’ll see me around here ;).

For anyone experiencing this same problem:

For clean up tools for other programs go to this page: ESET Knowledgebase .