"Block all network traffic if application is closed"

Defense+ has a similar feature “block all unknown applications while application is closed”
I think this would be a nice feature for the firewall :slight_smile:

Seconded, nice idea :slight_smile:

Would be a nice option.

A little more defensive than selecting the “Block all” mode manually in the Firewall Security Level. But make it an option.

I think this is a great idea.

+1 :-TU


But I think that D+ and possibly firewall setting should be called: “block all unknown applications while CIS is closed”. That way is less confusing.

Does not the firewall already block all unknown applications, whether GUI running or not?

Do you want it so if the GUI crashes, you lose all connectivity? A little scary IMHO.
How to get help? Troubleshoot?

Am I not understanding something here? ???


Hmm. That’s a different point of view…not sure whether to support this idea or not now…

BTW, you are a mod too? When did you become one?

Everyone is a mod now except me. Now that is scary. ;D

The idea here being to block known requests if the app that receives them is closed. If an app requires a port opened, ensure it is closed if the app is not running.

I support Jeremy for mod! :-TU

Ahh… well then, This has been happening automatically for me in the last few releases of CIS.

If I have a Global TCP In rule for port 54321 and say uTorrent is “listening” on 54321.
Then shutdown uTorrent, port 54321 goes to a closed state and the firewall logs show
54321 blocked windows operating system. I think “windows operating system” is used as
a generic term for “No currently running app to blame this block on” :slight_smile:


Thanks, BF. I wasn’t sure on this.

Oh that is the idea? I thought it was more like “Block all network traffic if CIS is closed”. Why?:

According to the help file:

[b]Block all unknown requests if the application is closed[/b] - Checking this box will block all unknown requests (those not included in your Computer Security Policy) [u]if Comodo Internet Security is not running/has been shut down.[/u]

(Underlines by me.)

So what are you guys meaning here?

“Block network traffic if CIS is closed”, or “Block network traffic if the receiving/sending application is closed”?


If CIS is closed, I would like that internet traffic be stopped. As I want my computer not to be connected to the internet while vulnerable.

I like that idea, Kyle. One glitch at the mement, though is the issue with multiple users logged in. This can and does cause CIS to stop working when it is desired not to.

And I thought it already did that!