Block All Mode: cmdagent.exe connected CIS v.3.9.95478.509

Big Comodo Fan. Not happy what I see.

Running CIS v.3.9.x
OS: Windows 7 Build 7100
(I know, CIS not officially supported for this O.S.)

New Resource Monitor shows cmdagent.exe has numerous connections to Comodo servers.
Comodo’s “View Active Connections” conceals these connections. Alright, fine I guess.

Set Comodo firewall to BLOCK ALL MODE.
Check Resource Monitor in Windows 7 and most connections go inactive, except, Comodo’s cmdagent.exe.

This doesn’t seem right. Block All Mode (Except Comodo) maybe? Come on guys/gals.
Block All should not be biased. Block All should do just that. And Have Comodo’s “View Active Connections” tell the whole truth.