Block all connections with one click

I tired to switch to Comodo firewall but it’s missing the feature that I believe is the most important.

My previous firewall programs had a feature where if you right clicked the tray icon, you could “block all connections.” Sort of a panic button to block everything in case of an emergency. This was handy in case I accidentally downloaded some malware that tried to phone home and cause damage or changes to my computer.

I don’t see such a button in Comodo.

Is there any way to block all outbound/inbound connections, preferably in one click? Or how would I do such a thing in Comodo painlessly? Is there any way to achieve the same or a similar effect in Comodo?


You can do it with two clicks with CFP 3. Right-click the tray icon, and hover Firewall Security Level. Choose Block All Mode from the list. It might not be as quickly accessed as the similar feature in the firewall you used in the past, but it does the same thing.