block a ip in lan

I’m new to Comodo firewall. I want to block a specific ip say in comodo firewall. How I can do that?

I’m using CIS 6 and I don’t know if the firewall has the same UI but if it does you should be able to open the main window, then go to tasks (up right) then “Firewall Tasks” then “Open Advanced Settings” after that go to “Global Rules” click the little arrow and then “Add”

I would imagine the settings would be:
Action: Block (To the right you may or may not want to log as firewall event, up to you)
Protocol: TCP or UDP (Or perhaps IP? =S)
Direction: IN or OUT
Description: Block [ip address] / or other description you want

Now here is where I’m not sure whether the IP you want to block should be under Source Address or Destination Address or maybe even under both?

But I think it’s:
Source Address: IPv4 Single Address and then fill it in
Destination Address: Any Address
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: Any

I’m not very used to these global rules so other people should be better at telling if it’s Source Address or Destination Address.