Blank/White screen when connecting to a remote PC

I just started using LoginPro today and had some luck with it connecting to one PC but not to another.

The laptop that is not connecting properly is an HP running Windows 7. When attempting to connect I get the connecting messages and the blue bar. Once the blue bar is full I get a white screen where I expect to see the login prompt.

Has any one encountered this and is there a solution?

Thank you.


Could you give details of which system to which system, OS’s.

Are you using the QuickAssist or the Web Site for connecting/


Thanks for your reply.

My host PC is a Windows 7 64 bit based system.

The laptop I can connect to is an HP Pavilion Dv3 1000 with 2 gigs of ram. It is running Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

The laptop which is giving me the headache is an HP Pavilion with 2 gigs of ram. It’s OS is Windows 7 32 bit.

As far as the which connection method, I’ve tried both.

I have been running into this blank screen issue since the update to I have tried win 7 64bit machines 32 bit machines vista 64 bit all with the same problem. I then was at a friends house who does not use loginpro so it was not installed on his PC and to my surprise with out it installed on that machine I could connect to all of my PCs in the list… When I got home I immediately had to test the theory so I uninstalled it from a win 7 x64 system and sure enough I can now connect from that machine to all the ones in my list. Not sure what to think of this but figured I would share what I found.

It been a while since first posted this problem and am disappointed that no one seems to have an answer to as why this happening. I will be going to FL this Christmas and will have an opportunity to get some hands on time with the laptop that is giving me grief.

Can anyone tell me what SERVICES are Critical (if any) for Loginpro to function.

Glad to see that some one else is having this problem as you know misery loves company.

Please check if you get the same with latest version.

Kind regards,

I have yet to get this to work in any of the rev’s. Here’s a detail of what i’ve been trying thus far. As it stands now i am getting the white screen when trying to do a quick connect using the numerical identifier code.

  1. Home - Win 7 Hm Prem 64 bit.
  2. Work - Win 7 Ult 64 bit
  3. Have the latest loginpro installed on each. (As of 12/11/12)
  4. Trying to connect from Work to Home it runs thru several connection types and ends in this error, “RDP Fatal Error, code -1”.
  5. Trying to connect from Work to Home via quick connect i get a white screen connection for a few seconds. Then it says remote side closed the connection.
  6. As an aside i do currently use logmein on both of these pc’s. But i thought that logmein did not utilize RDP. Correct me if i’m wrong on that. So i’m not sure if there is a conflict there.
  7. Are the RDP limitations of Home version OS’s the same for the comodo RDP product?
  8. Comodo needs to find a way to streamline the user account creation and authentication methods. I don’t know if they are a slave to this since they are going the RDP route or what. But products like logmein and are virtually seamless in this regard.
  9. What further needs to be done to get workable user accounts for RDP? This doesn’t seem to be very plain in LoginPRO.
  10. Would having identical usernames and passwords on two separate machines cause problems?


Hi mcb,

Thanks for the feedback.

Our solution initially was to allow RDP access to remote PCs. The authentication for users is also the same as RDP, windows users accounts.

We are currently updating the user interface and making it clearer about RDP relaying and we’ve added a choice to use the RDP system, or not, more like some other remote tools, where a password can be set.

I think the problems you are having could be due to firewalls or access control at work. We are also working to send more traffic down firewall friendly ports and to use proxy settings.

I’ll make sure our development teams look into the problems you are having.


The service that is critical for LoginPro is “Comodo Loginpro”.

If something don’t work for you in latest version please let me know.

Kind regards,

i have had this same problem.
any news when we can expect a fix?

I finally found time to test the latest version of loginpro today. I am still getting the white screen. I can use built in windows RD application to view either of the PCs that I tried to connect with. I tried to connect from the web via IE CID CD and quick assist all failed. I attached 2 screen shots. One from IE the other is quick assist.

[attachment deleted by admin]

and further testing… I CAN login to the PCs with loginpro from a PC that DOES NOT have loginpro installed on it. Screen shot attached

[attachment deleted by admin]

Add me to the list of people who cannot login to the remote systems but just get a white screen.

This occurs when using the web connect or the desktop client.

Hi All,

We have a revamped version of LIP (1.5) under development now called LoginPro Remote Desktop.

As with the previous versions, LoginPro Remote Desktop is intended to allow users to use their machines remotely from anywhere utilizing the power of Windows Remote Desktop Connection (aka RDP) for long periods of time. LoginPro acts like a relay for RDP connections.

The goal of the product is to allow all day working from home or some other remote location unlike other 3rd party software which is really only designed for a quick use with a shared desktop that’s fixed to the remote PCs monitor resolution. LIP RDC gives you a remote login, not just a remote control, which allow you use the full screen resolution of your current monitor giving a more natural and hassle free feel.

For those of you who want a support/shared desktop application, LoginPro will also be coming out with LoginPro Remote Support which will have other collaboration oriented features and will be expanded to handle other platforms like Mac. For example, LoginPro Remote Desktop won’t have a chat window, you don’t need a chat window when working from home RDPing into your work PC (unless you want to chat to yourself of course :slight_smile: ) whereas LoginPro Remote Sopport will have such features.

The new version of LoginPro Remote Desktop addresses a number of connection scenarios that have been reported since LoginPro we released.

This new version will have

  • better proxy/relay support to ensure connectivity
  • entirely new HTML5 system with touch support for mobile devices
  • an improved desktop application with a PC List, no need to go to a web site to connect to your PCs
  • a new look

For more information on Windows Remote Desktop Connection see

LoginPro uses RDP for LoginPro Remote Desktop because we believe it’s the most suited to working remotely for long periods of time. RDP is very easy to use and I personally have RDPed to machines and used the from days on end without the problems of being stuck with the remote PC monitor resolutions, in full screen more RDP really feels just like you are sat in front of your work PC.


Hi Shane,

Thanks for the insight into the new developments of LoginPro :-TU

One question, will the Remote Support version be based / similar to COMODO Live PC Support?

Looking forward to the releases :slight_smile:



Nope, it’s a collaboration tools to allow users to connected with each other. Good for support, collaborative working or any scenario where you want to share your screen with someone else.


Is there a date for the new release?