[blank]" was not backed up properly."

In the Manage|Events tab, I have two entries, " was not backed up properly."

Details from expanded view:

Backup Type: Incremental
Backup Path: / (My default backup path is set to F:\COMODO BackUp.)
Created: 19-10-2011, 01:47:39
Compressed Size 0
Uncompressed Size 0

There is no edit link.

The only CBU task in Windows Task Manager is the incremental I do have scheduled.

This suggests a backup to Online Storage.
Paths to Online storage start with “/”
Maybe it was a backup which was aborted?


It’s not impossible; the issue never repeated.

My best guess is that I didn’t clear settings from a prior version with COS installed and when I re-installed without COS, CBU had issues. Uninstalling w/clear settings and reinstalling fixed them and the integrated COS support worked well.