Blank "Security considerations" on all popups ( 32bit XP SP2)

Completely clean install on XP SP2 all updated. By completely clean, I mean adhering to the instructions to completely remove Comodo Firewall from the system that were posted here before.

I am running with a limited user but it allows me to change the firewall configuration (is that a bug?)

All popups come up without any text in the “security considerations” box, no matter if it is a Firewall or a Defense+ issue. All other information is there.

I have set the Firewall to highest alert setting, Custom policy mode. Defense+ level is paranoid level.

It is more than a bit difficult to see what each popup is trying to do.

Replying to my own post:
Reinstalling and then logging on first as an administrative user now shows the “security considerations” in all popups, including when I log back in to a limited user.

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