Black screen. Type password in. Says Missing Operating System.

I got Cde from comodo’s Site last night. I have vista 32bit fully updated. encryption set to password only. It was setup to not have boot up password. And not to auto start cde. The encryption was set to the 2nd one swa 241 or what ever. the second encrption was AES. And i know I remember the password. Note I had my firewall and anti virus turned off during install. clicked encrypt last night before bed. Meaning it had a good 9 hours to encrypt. Only said it needed 4 hours though. I woke up to it being a black screen. It did nothing so i figured it was done and restarted the computer. Its pop up to black screen asking for password. It does not display anything when im typing no *s or anything. Thought my keyboard died. But once i press enter it says missing os. So its def not my keyboard. How do i remove encryption. Would restore disc write over the ■■■■■■ cde? And if not what about Doriks boot n nuke? I would like to be able to use my currently installed Os and setup but need to know my options. If i need to wipe hard drive I will.