Black Screen of Death

Hello, as you may have noticed (I HAVE, GRRRRRRRRR!!!), comodo locks up your computer whenever you play a fullscreen game with normal settings. Resulting in a lovely black screen and a hard reboot. (Double-GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!)

The solution is to go into defense+ —> computer security policy.

Find the key “all applications”

Double click the key and choose “customize”

For “interprocess memory accesses” choose “allow” (the others should be “ask”)

Allowed programs → add

Either add the “csrss.exe” process from running processes or point it to

C:\Windows\System32\csrss.exe (for most people)

Click Apply and OK 53 times or however many it is.

Now you might actually be able to move your mouse and type stuff when the blooming security alert pops up…

Have you tried to set CIS in Game Mode?


it never had that the last time i used it…


Does that, uh, pretty much do the same thing as what I’m doing?

Or does it open up a bunch of ports and stuff too? If so, I stand by my original moan. Also, what if I forget to enable game mode? Or the scary training mode? I’m no programmer, but surely, under no circumstances should the default configuration leave the user with a black screen with no mouse or keyboard access and have to hold down the power button at any time at all ever not even once.

If you right clic the comodo tray icon, you’ll see the Game Mode.

I don’t play games on my computer, so can’t tell you how it works exactly. But on Comodo site, in the features of CIS, it tells that the Game Mode namely suppresses alerts while playing.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums seaniesean!

I would like to see d+ logs so that I can help you further. I would also like to know the name of the game.

Valentin N

Hello there back!

It’s every game that runs fullscreen.

If there are no defense+ rules set, and defense+ is put in paranoid, safe, or cleanpc modes, screen goes black and no mouse/keyboard.

Only way out is power/reset button.

This is because game tries to access csrss.exe

But can’t because comodo won’t let it…

I thought this was very well known problem…? There’s pages of results for “black screen” on these forums! I don’t see how my d+ logs would help, and I’m not on that computer right now.

My first post solves the problem. Also game mode solves the problem, but that sounds a bit like “training mode” to me. Haven’t read the fine manual so I don’t know for sure.

And also, like I say, if I forget to enable game mode before running a new game…oh dear!

I like my solution the best…well, it’s not really mine, I found it on these forums. A slight security risk is much better than any black screens at all, in my opinion.



May I see them the d+ logs even though?

Maybe you can in a minute when I start using D+ on my freshly installed OS…

Before I do (if anyone happens to be reading this), has this been solved yet (and by “solved”, I do NOT mean adding every one of my games to the trusted list or trying to remember to enable game mode every time I run a game!)

By “solved” I mean, when I enable paranoid mode, there will not be a black screen and a hard reboot!


If you mean did CIS change its ways when starting a full screen application? Then the answer is no.

Oh well. Better follow my advice above then.

You know, it would be nice if comodo could come up with a little warning or something…like:

“you are about to start a full screen app that will completely bork your session and cause you to have to manually reset your computer. Perhaps you would like to add this application to your trusted list BEFORE this happens?”

Just a suggestion…

It has been requested many times before to get a full screen warning for example recently in Security and Usability improvements. in the Wishlist - CIS sub board.