Black screen after downloading antivirus

I downloaded antivirus and after it loaded I started the scan. Once it was complete the computer restarted. When I went into Chrome I got a message that there was an error; the computer was supposed to restart after data was gathered. It got to 100% and then just hung there. I manually shut it down and restarted. I have a black screen with no cursor. I have restarted four times, tried Ctrl-Alt-Del and nothing. Somebody please help me.

When you start your computer do you see anything on the screen? Usually you will first see the BIOS screen before your computer will boot from the Operating System (OS).

Is the computer screen black from the beginning? Or do you see BIOS activity displayed first and does it go black after this?

If there is visible BIOS activity please start pushing the F8 repetitively until a boot screen appears. This will give various options to boot your computer. Choose to boot in Safe Mode and see if your Windows will start. What Windows version are you running?

I only see the black screen. No cursor. Nothing. I have been able to restart it after manually shutting down several times but once I get it started again it goes back to the screen with the frowny face that says there is a problem and the computer will restart once data is gathered. It gets to 100% and just hangs there.

Please try tapping F8 from the moment your computer starts. You should be able to get the boot options screen. See if the option Last Known Good Configuration does the trick.

I am having the same problem After downloading internet security. I tried F8 to no avail. Please help me.

Do you mean you started tapping the F8 button from the moment your computer boots?

I should have written more explicitly to keep on tapping the F8 from the moment the computer starts. Is that what you did or did you only push it one time?

Can you describe in exact detail what happens from the moment you start your computer when not pushing the F8 button?

What Windows version are you using? If it is Vista, 7 or I would use an installation DVD and use the repair options. I would let it analyse but not fix and see what it comes up with.

Yes I kept tapping to no avail. I have Windows 8 that did not come with a disk. The recovery is built in the hard drive. My computer is just powered on and the Caps Lock keys light just keeps blinking and that is it. I have an HP Pavilion g7.

Does suggestion 6 of this article bring you any further?