Black desktop

Hello all. Recently, I’ve changed my HDD for a SSD. After two clean installs of Windows 10, version 2004, after installing CIS, whenever I start my pc, my desktop doesn’t show, the screen stays all black. I have to click on CTRL+ALT+DEL, do a restart and then the desktop is back to normal. It took me a while to notice that CIS was the problem… I’m sorry but I don’t have any logs to show, as I’ve unnistalled CIS… I’m just asking if there’s anyone else with the same problem, and if this is a known issue.
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Update in Windows 10 has left slowdown start system;
try clean files updates system

  1. click in key Windows+R;
  2. in window appear, type it cleanmgr, click in enter;
  3. in the window that appears, click in “clean files system”

    if you are not sure about it follow the tutorial
    How To Use Windows Update Cleanup To Regain Hard Drive Space - YouTube

Hello Roshi,

Thank you for reporting. We will check this issue,Please let me know your CIS version?
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@Dharshu, currently Idon’t have CIS installed. I’ve installed the current version available on the site, both times.

Hello Roshi,

Thank you for your response.Please let me know,Are you still had this issue?
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Dharshu, I have not reinstalled CIS. Currently I’m using Kaspersky free, hoping to return to Comodo software. But I may reinstall Comodo and see if anything changed.
Edit: Reinstalled version “cispremium_installer_138430008_dd” from Comodo’s site, still black screen when booting my pc. Here do I have to go to get you any report?
Reedit: Is this the report that you need? I had to uninstall CIS again, otherwise I wouldn’t anything else than rebootin my pc in order to have access to it.