Black Background, Hung desktop after install.


On a whim last night I decided to format my machine and start fresh (Vista Enterprise 32-bit). After initial install and updates I added: Office 2007, Firefox 3 beta 1, VLC Player 0.8.6c, WinAMP 5.5, Acronis True Image 9.1, Auslogics Disk Defrag 1.4, CCleaner 2.02.527, WinZip 11, Spamihilator 0.9 and Avast 4.7.1043.

The machine is a Dell GX280 2.8Ghz with 2G RAM and an ATI Radeon X1800.

I then installed the latest v3, which I grabbed from this site last night. For install choices I chose the FW and D+. After the reboot and login I get a black desktop with no icons. Mousing over the start/taskbar shows a busy pointer. If I click ‘start’ I get a windows not responding error. I have to shutdown and remove to get my desktop working.

I have removed via safe mode and re-installed twice with the same result. Both the RC1 and final worked fine before I wiped it. Any ideas or suggestions?

On a side note, I really miss being able to look in application monitor to see the block/allow status of my apps. Is there an similar place in v3?


Thanks for all the help guys. I found the answer to my question myself: Switch to PCTools Firewall Plus & Threatfire!

Maybe I’ll try again when things are at a 3.1.x version or so…

I agree with the other posts that say this ‘final’ was rushed out the door incomplete. I realize it has to ship sometime but I think you may be tarnishing a previously well-deserved reputation for quality. There is obviously a lot of fine people putting a metric a$$load of effort into this but more fine-tuning was in order before releasing.

Keep up the efforts!