Bitdefender Total Security 2013 for 3 months FREE

Go to this Bitdefender facebook promo page (like it), download, install and select “I want to evaluate this product” after which select “Create a new account” fill the form and check your email on how to activate it (enjoy):

Facebook I know offers several suites free for 6 months.

But not Bitdefender and esp not Total Security 2013 for the 3 months FREE. Nothing to do with the facebook promo. It’s Bitdefender’s own promo.

Good luck using Bitdefender 2013 Antivirus with CIS 6 2674 firewall.
Firefox doesn’t work and neither does chrome. i had alot of explorer.exe crashes seemed to freeze my start8 program on windows 8.
To Fix chrome with bit-defender 2013 add it as a trusted process.