BitBox browser

Hi all,

Have you heard of BitBox browser. It was developed by Sirrix for the German government. › … › Software › News Browsers

Sirrix said it is the most secure browser for the moment.
In fact, it runs Firefox 4 in a linux virtual box.

Do you think it could be safer than Comodo Dragon runned in Sandboxie?

To be noted : the downloader is 990MB, the program 2GB and it needs 1GB RAM!!


That’s a bloody heavy program.

Comes with: VirtualBox 4.04, hardened Linux Debian 6 and Firefox 4
:stuck_out_tongue: Thats’ why it’s so ‘huge’…

they have a customized version of Virtualbox with linux installed on it and once you start the browser; you actually turn on the virtualbox with the linux installed and then it starts firefox :P… (most likely/not a fact yet)

No wonder 1GB is required…

So they put in trust that malware can’t jump out of virtual box :stuck_out_tongue:

As you say! ;D The Germans don’t work with half measure. It reminds me of G Data AV, another German product, which at a time had no less than 2 engines but was heaaaaaaaaavy.

Then it couldn’t be the super secure software as they think it is.

It sounds more like they’re putting trust that you won’t encounter any malware that can manipulate Linux in a way to jump out of the VM.

That is a tall order, but I’ll never say impossible when it comes to malware. :wink:

It will set a new bar for the malware makers to reach when this product gets deployed at big enough a scale…