BIOS virus

Can CIS protect BIOS and MBR from viruses?

I have had several PCs infected with a BIOS and MBR virus.
Looking for ways to protect both BIOS and MBR.

In Win XP, as a limited user seems to somehow help restrict access to MBR. But how about the BIOS?

I don’t think it’s specifically monitoring access to the BIOS, it should however give you an alert if run a “strange” utility to flash your BIOS, so it depends on how Defense+ is configured.

I don’t know, somehow I don’t think D+ will detect anything in this case.
My guess that this would be a ‘direct access’ to BIOS, and D+ doesn’t have that.

There is no “Protect my BIOS” setting in D+ that’s correct.
But Defense+ should alert you if a malicious program is trying to start on your system, preventing the program to run will also prevent it from flashing your BIOS.