Bioclean, firewall issues

Hi there I currently use Comodo BioClean and Firewall. My computer has recently been infected with a rootkit/hijack malware which not only has gone unnoticed by my antivirus, and bioclean, but has made changes to the programs and as a result I am getting the following alert from the firewall for every program that accesses the internet;

‘c:\windows\system32\spuiebhtqv.exe has modified … in memory. This is typical of virus, trojan, and spyware behaviour.’

A program I downloaded called WebMediaPlayer appears to be the culprit. I have tried almost everything to remove and so far I have been unsucessful. I have logs from hijack this, AVG AntiSpyware, SuperAntiSpyware and panda online activescan if you want further information on this infection.

Even if you are unable to help, I thought you guy’s at Comodo might want detail of this. The malware seems to be blocking bioClean and my Antivirus (Antivir) from communicating directly.

Hi if i was you i would look into downloading AVG AntiRootkit? im not sure it it’ll get it for you but it’s worth a shot. And also maybe Try nod 32 Online scanner? hope some of this helps

Hi Alexei23, welcome to the forum. Sorry that you’re having this trouble. If possible, could you submit the virus (zipped) to Comodo? The address is: malwaresubmit [ at ] as you can see in this thread.

Thanks, and please keep us updated if you make any progress.


(btw, if you plan to post a hijackthis log, please make it as a file attachment)