bing search instead of yahoo???? Help

Whenever i write a search term into my normal url bar it automatically used to go to my preferred search engine which was yahoo. Now for some reason it is going to bing, and there is no option to change it. what happened? i didn’t update anything.

Hi princetongrad24,
From the drop down menu under the search tab in IceDragons options select your desired search engine.

Kind regards.

I don’t see any drop down tab. all i see is a magnifying glass to the left of the search bar and then the search bar with the word search. There is no drop down menu. It used to be set to yahoo, i don’t get it.
Also, I don’t see an ‘‘about’’ tab. I only see that under help, and it tells me what version i have.

Hi princetongrad24,
Go to the menu button shown in screenshot 1 and select options.
Then select the search tab in screenshot 2.

If you are not seeing this, what version are you using?
Comodo Ice Dragon Ver_40 is now available for download.


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I’m using version 40 and I can change the default search engine to Google. However, when I restart Icedragon it keeps reverting to Bing. This is driving me nuts.

A known culprit is foistware. Foistware should be disclosed in the EULA - pay close attention to the optional components that may be foisted at install time - but who ever actually reads a EULA; just click accept and install whatever. Right? :o

SOLUTION: verify that all extensions are actually recognized and desired. If not, then establish if such extensions have uninstaller in add / remove programs, or check the Start, Programs panel for associated un-installer(s). Then ensure that the offending extension / plug-in no longer is present in IceDragon add-on manager.

Another potential culprit is that of non-saving preferences (SEE: Firefox address bar search engine keep resetting to fileserve home | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

Speaking of search-bar functionality, since v34 there’s the One-Click Searbar. Annoying as all get-out. See:

Get your Search Provider setup, disble all the ‘suggestion’ bloatware nonsense. Work good, last long time. 8)